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CAPS Radio hosts local programming on our podcast network. If you missed it on the air you can find it here.


Voices of Ventura County Digitized Oral Histories is a remarkable collection that commemorates the rich tapestry of Ventura County’s history over the past 150 years. Curated from the extensive archives of the Museum of Ventura County’s Research Library, these oral histories bring to life the diverse stories and experiences of the county’s inhabitants.

In the Women’s Room is hosted by long time media personality Kathleen Good. In each episode Kathleen meets with experts about topics and issues including health, career, education, family, politics and community involvement that are of concern to all. In the Women’s Room is where we appreciate and support each other.

Ventura Vibe! hosted by Nadine Piche celebrates the local treasures of people and places of Ventura.

Doctors Quenicka and Cole, licensed psychologists, talk about mindfulness and psychotherapies and their integration.


ECTV, an award-winning news and entertainment talk show, is produced by the media students of El Camino High School in Ventura California.

The Shiver Show brings you strange and chilling tales of crime, horror and science fiction - from the golden era of radio, as well as new audio dramas. If you love suspense fiction, you've come to the right place. 

Co-hosts Mary Labrie and Greg Flynn talk about what makes each of these dramas so special - whether it be their creepy music, compelling voice actors, spooky sound effects or timeless themes. 

Now, turn off the lights, curl up in a safe place, and get ready to have your pants scared off. 

Let Nadine share some of Ventura's treasures with you.

Ventura Legacies introduce listeners to Ventura’s legacy families who helped Ventura County develop over the last centuries. The stories from Chumash Indians, indigenous residents, farmers, explorers, doctors and politicians bring the vibrancy of Ventura County to light. Their stories are fascinating and inspiring.

Teen Centric podcast logo

Teen Centric features interviews with teens discussing their lives and sharing their poetry.  Some were in juvenile hall at the time of the interviews.

The Thomas Fire Stories Podcast Image of a fireman putting out a fire

The Thomas Fire Stories are personal stories of firefighters,first responders, residents and others that chronicle the survival and healing during and following the devastating Thomas Fire.

William Schneider Jr. shares stories from the hundreds of interviews his father William Schneider Sr. recorded of the historic people and places of Ventura County.

Fireside Tailes for Wolfgang with your host, Hunter Ackerman.

Spotlight on Special Education Podcast Logo

Nadine Piché interviews Special Education professionals about the unique needs of the Special Education population.

Around America’s Table Podcast Image

Around America’s Table. Your host Chef Judy Gilliard shares news, tips and recipes with guests who include farmers, chefs, educators and foodies.

Women of a Certain Age podcast Logo

Welcome to Women of a Certain Age!  It is our goal to inform, entertain and inspire women who are just getting to the interesting part of their lives. 

Cultural Capture Podcast Logo

Cultural Capture is a Travel/Education radio show with Alexander Blomquist, a 13 year old radio host. In his shows, he interviews interesting people from around the world about their experiences, and also teaches about cultural customs and history. His show consists of “seasons” with different places in each one. Listen to this podcast if you like learning about the world.

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