The CAPS Media Center will be closed to the public during our Digital Storytelling programs July 15 - July 19 and July 29 - August 2

Find out more about CAPS Media & CAPS Radio Station KPPQ. Attend a class! The next Orientation Class is Monday, August 5th at 6PM. The Radio Class is Thursday, August 8 at 6PM


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CAPS Media is locally run and operated, and it’s thanks to contributions from community members like you that make it possible. Join CAPS Media today!

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CAPS is a membership based non-profit organization.

Individual producer memberships are $40 per year and include all training classes, equipment and facilities usage. Non-profit Organizations may join for $100.00 per year and allows for up to four individuals each with full producer privileges.  Non-profits will be required to show proof of their 501(c)3 status with their EIN number verifiable by staff.  Once a producer has completed the application process, they may submit programs for cablecast and make use of training, equipment and facilities.

To join, all producers must attend an Orientation class and sign our Operating Policies Statement of Compliance form.  You can find our class schedules on the home page of this website or call us at 805-658-0500.

Prior to attending the Orientation class, it is recommended that producers complete the membership application and pay the appropriate fee. Payments may be made online through PayPal on the right or in person at our media center. We accept cash or checks in person at our facility. You will be required to bring in the completed membership application, payment or proof of payment and provide proof of your eligibility in one of the following forms: a valid photo ID or other proof of residency (cable bill or other utility bill received at your home or business address – No PO boxes will be accepted), current student ID or class registration, or you may bring proof of employment with a Ventura based business or non-profit.  All producer memberships are subject to approval by our Executive Director.

Non-profit organizations must also submit a list with full names and contact information for each individual (4 Max.) who will be authorized to have privileges. The list must be provided on the organizations letterhead and include the non-profits EIN number and signature of the main authorizing contact for the organization.



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