CAPS Members Only Media Upload


Click the link below to be directed to our CAPS Media Dropbox.

Upload your programming content and signed cablecast request form.

You are required to upload both items mentioned above at the same time to complete your submission.

*** Please read all disclaimers below before proceeding with your upload.

CAPS Media Dropbox Link

*** Disclaimers for CAPS Members utilizing our CAPS Media Dropbox portal.

  1. All CAPS Members utilizing this method of submission understand and agree to take full responsibility for its usage.
  2. All CAPS Members are responsible for verifying that their content and forms are received by CAPS Media without errors.
  3. CAPS maintains the rights to reject submissions to the Dropbox due to incomplete paperwork and/or technical problems with submitted media.
  4. The CAPS Media Dropbox is for the submission of programming content and supporting paperwork onlyNo other files will be accepted through this portal.
  5. All program files and paperwork submitted through this portal will be time/date stamped at the completion of the upload process. Files received after the submission deadline of 9PM Tuesday will automatically be received and applied to the following weeks programming schedule at the Operation Managers discretion.
  6. This is an added service provided by CAPS Media.  CAPS Media assumes no responsibility if content submitted through this portal doesn't make it on the air as expected.
  7. CAPS Members assume all responsibility for the use of this portal and will be held accountable for any problems occurring from its usage.
  8. If you have any questions, problems, concerns or issues with using this upload portal, please submit your programming content in person at the CAPS Media Center, 65 Day Road during regular business hours and talk to a staff member in person.
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